A "yes" to any of these questions means you need help!

  • When keying or using the mouse, do your fingers, wrists and shoulders get stiff and sore?
  • After sitting for awhile, do your back and legs begin to ache?
  • While working with paper documents, do your neck and shoulders stiffen?
  • Does it seem as though you never have enough room on your work surface for all your equipment?
  • Are you experiencing headaches, eye fatigue, blurred vision or dry irritated eyes?

We have simple and cost effective solutions for these very common problems.

Start With a Worksite Evaluation:

The problems with the worksite are determined. We will discuss the needed changes, how they can be implemented and provide you with a cost estimate.

With approval the adjustments are made, we will provide the needed items and let you use the new setup for a few days. With this trial period you will know that you have a true solution for the problem.

If we did not get it quite right the first time, additional visits are at no charge.

You will be 100% satisfied!

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You can be comfortable while working at your computer! We will show you how...

Worksite Evaluations

Our years of practical experience have given us the ability to create quality, comfortable and productive worksites within the most stringent budgets.

Educational Seminars

How to recognize risks factors, assess injury potential, develop strategies to combat the problems, implementation of the plan and analysis of the results are all a part of these seminars.

Design Consultations

The design of workspaces that accommodate today's diverse workforce is critical. Many of the old standards for workspace design and setup do not work well with current technology.